A green world thanks to the sustainable mobility 

Carefreeness on your pedals!  

EVO FAT has a rear motor which uses the power of pedaling, optimizing efficiency and consumptions. It improves the weight distribution and the tire maintenance! 

On the front line for the environment!

You can cover long distances thanks its battery without emission of harmful gas for the environment. 
Pedal assist allows to do exercises without any effort. A great combination for you and
for the planet

Breathe clean air!

Are you tired to wait on the underground or in the traffic? We have the best solution for you! EVO FAT is the best comfortable and charming option to the public transport.

Discover all the colors of the range! 

Power of green mobility! 

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Prodotti Correlati
Rear side bag 45,60€*
*VAT included

Going to work by bike has never been so comfortable thanks to Bad Bike rear side bags.

Handlebar bag 30,50*€
*VAT included

Take always with you your mobile phone; the clingfilm allows to keep an eye on the urgent calls without any lack of attention. 

Back rack 60,00€*
*VAT included

The rear rack is very easy to assemble on your EVO FAT bike. Take with you your packages, bags and everything you always need in comfortable way.