For great adventures! 

BIG BAD is the perfect way to face the most impervious roads and the daily city challenges, with its FAT 24 X 4.00 wheels.

Safe and technological! 

The central display allows to have everything under surveillance and enjoying your freedom. 

Why choose any e-bike if you can have a BIG BAD?  

Strong and functional  

The aluminum frame and the simple and intuitive folding system make BIG BAD one of the best performing bike of the market: it’s strong and functional at the same time!

Discover all the colors of the range! 

The only one, For Great Adventures 

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 Front baby seat 52,00€*
 *VAT included 

Choose the comfort also for the little ones to have always them by your side. That’s possible thanks to the front and rear baby seat.

Mudguar: their bike 30,00€*
 *VAT included 

Protect your bike against the mud and the rain. Recommended to adventurers who like bringing our bikes everywhere. 

Back rack 60,00€*
 *VAT included 

The rear rack is very easy to assemble on your BIG BAD bike. Take with you your packages, bags and everything you always need in comfortable way.