Italian like the American style! 

Unique design!

Beach Fat was born to create a comfortable bike having a unique vintage style with a revolutionizing new look to explore. 

Technology and results!

A concentration of technology: you can have everything under surveillance with the multifunction display and enjoying your way.

Look at the future   

The frame has been designed to allow a very simple drive. The American style of the handlebar provide an extraordinary driving experience.  

What are you waiting for? Go further with our Italian - American Bike!

Discover all the colors of the range! 

 Electric, Strong, Fast, FAT!  

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Antitheft Abus: your bike 85,00€*
 *VAT included

We offer a simple and easy antitheft system to protect you bike, because safety is never enough.


Battery charger bag  20,00€*
 *VAT included

You can charge your bike anywhere you want thanks to this comfortable bag. It’s the best solution to have always your full charged bike all day long.  

Handlebar bag 30.50€*
 *VAT included

Take always with you your mobile phone; the clingfilm allows to keep an eye on the urgent calls without any lack of attention.