We are ready to revolutionize the e-bike industry


Why choose a Bad-Bike?


 All our e-bikes are produced through a careful selection of the best materials and the most advanced technologies. 


With its totally Italian design, the style, the character and the color of each Bad Bike make it stand out. Each to his own!



Our e-bikes are a cutting-edge product thanks to a strict research and experimentation process. 

Payment solutions

We consider some different types of financing also through a quick online investigation ,or long-term rental solutions

to be ever closer to our customers needs.


We offer one of the most complete

 warranty packages on the market

 (7 years for the frame, 2 years for the 

battery and mechanical parts and 2 years

for electrical parts)


Through our workshop and the extensive dealer network we put our e-bikes on the road and we guarantee for free the first inspection and the continuous assistance throughout the whole life of the product.

  What they say about us! 

The growing appreciation of our e-bikes is

proved by the most important and specialized press review! 

29/11/2020 - TG2 STORIE

History, present and future of Bad Bike

History, present and future of Bad Bike is the topic of the last episode of TG Storie. We propose again the reportage broadcast on Sunday 29 November at 00:15 on Rai 2. Enjoy!

20/11/2020 - LA REPUBBLICA

Bad Bike, to get anywhere

From car dealer to electric bike manufacturer. The entrepreneurial story of Maurizio Papa the Neapolitan creator of "Bad-bike" brand, electric bikes with “fat..

19/10/2020 - TGR "OFFICINA ITALIA"

Post-Covid electric mobility

By popular demand, we propose the full service broadcast on Saturday 17 October on Rai3 as part of the first episode of the new season of "TGR Officina Italia ...

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