The american style all Italian!

Unique and unmistakable design 

Beach Fat was born from the need to create a comfortable bike that recalls the unmistakable style of the past, revolutionizing it in a new look to discover! 

Technology and results!

 A concentration of technology: with its multifunction display you can have everything under control and enjoy the journey.

Looking to the future   

The beach fat frame has been designed to allow anyone to drive it with great ease, the handlebar that takes american bikes provides those who drive it with a driving experience never tried before.

What are you waiting for? Go further with our Italian American!

Discover all the colors of the range! 

 Electric Strong, Fast, FAT!  

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Anti-theft Abus 85,00€*
 *VAT included

Safety is never enough, so we at Bad Bike have thought of a simple and practical anti-theft system to apply.

 Charger port 20,00€*
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echarge your bike anywhere thanks to the convenient charger bag. Practice, to always be loaded throughout the day. 

 Handlebar bag 30.50€*
 *VAT included

 Always take your mobile phone with you, transparent film allows you to keep an eye on the most urgent calls without too much distraction.