The past in the
present day!

Share your passion with the little ones!

In the company of your children or your faithful 4-legged friend you will never be alone. Beautiful landscapes await you aboard a one-of-a-kind side e-bike. Ready for adventure?

Comfortable and comfortable

The presence of the side-car makes driving pleasant and cheerful. Keep an eye on your passengers and enjoy the landscapes you'll visit. Get out of the box, with this side car you won't go unnoticed! 

Functional and versatile! 

Fear of traffic? 

No problem! Just unplug the sidecar and your Beach FAT will help you easily face even the city's challenges!

Discover all the colors of the range! 

the charm of vintage now and then!  

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Under-saddle bag 25,00€*
*VAT included

Our small saddle bag is comfortable, its simple design is designed not to be uncomfortable while pedaling! 

Side rear bags 45,60€*
*VAT included
The comfort at your fingertips, thanks to the back side bags branded Bad Bike, going to work has never been more comfortable! 
Handlebar bag 30.50€*
*VAT included

 Always take your mobile phone with you, transparent film allows you to keep an eye on the most urgent calls without too much distraction.